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Next Series of Classes - starts 5th January, 2020
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Intro to Agility 7:30am-8:30am (Max 6 dogs) - RM450
Puppy 8:30-10:00am (Max 8 Puppies) RM450
Puppy 10:30-12:00pm (Max 8 Puppies) RM450
Teen 8:30am-10:00am (Max 7 dogs) - RM450
Teen 10:30am-12:00pm (Max 7 Teens) - RM450

What We Do!

Creating a dog that's welcome everywhere!

Puppy Training

Enrollment Age 3-5 months
  • Socialisation
  • Toilet Training methods
  • Biting & Handling
  • Walking on a Loose Leash
  • Manners & Control
  • Engagement

Teen Training

5+ Months
  • Basic Obedience via focus work
  • Advanced Manners
  • Controlled Walking
  • Behaviour Modification
  • Problem-Solving eg: chewing, jumping, barking, etc

Intro to Dog Agility

Open by all (following Trainer evaluation)
  • grads of our Puppy or Teen classes
  • non-grads will be evaluated by trainer 
  • dog and owner must be relatively fit and healthy
  • dogs older than 10 months preferably neutered/spayed


Any age!
  • Come back and join us for socialisation and play anytime.
  • Catch up with your friends.
  • Compare notes & plan walks. 
  • Problems? Questions?
  • Come back and see us!  

Intro to Dog Agility

Course Content

  • 1st Lesson/1hr - Look at me Jump! (Jumps) 
  • 2nd Lesson/1hr - Weave Away (Pole Weaving)
  • 3rd Lesson/1hr - Down I Go (A-frame)
  • 4th Lesson/1hr - Sitting Pretty (Platform Jump and Stay)
  • 5th Lesson/1hr - Now You See Me, Now You Don't (Tunnel Run)
  • 6th Lesson/1hr - Testing & Evaluation + Certificate Presentation

Enrollment for dogs & owners subject to Trainer evaluation.

Class size: 5 or 6 dogs 

Min 5 Lesson Attendance, including 6th lesson
NB Missed lessons can be replaced at next session

NOTE: Thick rubber mats will be laid for all exercises involving jumping!


Next Classes Start - 6 October, 2019 at 8:30am-10:00am and 10:30am-12:00pm

The six Puppy and Teen classes are held on six Sundays for a total of nine hours (6 x 1.5hrs). We only accept dogs into the first Sunday's class, and if there's still room, into the second Sunday's class up to a  maximum of eight puppies or seven teens. After the second class we close enrollment for the rest of the course.

The cost of the six classes for puppies and teens is RM450
The cost of the five classes for Intro to Agility is RM450

To secure a place, please WhatsApp or SMS us at +6017-884-5269 for further details.


The puppy and teen training we offer is primarily for dogs that live for most of the time inside the house with the owner. If your dog is kept outside 24/7 then this kind of training may not be suitable for you or your dog. There are many others offering dog training in KL - two nearby centers are here: 

Contact Us

WhatsApp +6017-884-5269

Level 1 (outside ChimiChurri Cafe)
THE SCHOOL by Jaya One
72A Jalan University 
46200 Petaling Jaya 

WhatsApp +6017-884-5269

Satisfaction Guarantee

Love it or your money back

If by the end of your first class you decide this training doesn't meet your needs we will refund in full.

The Trainers



"I've always felt that the primary focus of most of the dog owners  taking their dogs to classes here in Malaysia was not to enter  competitions but simply to learn how to enjoy their pet as a pet, a  friend and a companion.
"We started Puppy Training @ The School by Jaya One in 2011 based on  Dr. Ian Dunbar's positive refinforcement puppy training with the aim of  turning prisoners into pets - one dog at a time!"

Richard has had dogs all his life, some of which have appeared on TV, film and stage. Two of them are here and here



“I use Positive Reinforcement Methods. This form of training is still  very new in Malaysia. What this basically means, is that I don't use  any harsh methods to train the dogs. No choke chains, collars, pulling,  jerking or yelling at the dogs. Instead I use high value motivation  rewards to encourage them to perform the commands.”

Dog Management Training Videos by Rubini
Rubini is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer from  Animal Behaviour College (USA), a member of the Association of  Professional Dog Trainers, the mother of two young children, and an avid  dog lover.

 Handfeeding - Start Now!

If you want to sum up successful dog training in one word, it would be ENGAGEMENT. Start here now!

Watch these three short videos for an excellent example of the kind of  training we do - the focus on engagement with your puppy or dog - and as a guide to what you should start working on with your puppy at home NOW!

Handfeeding Day 1

Dima Yeremenko (of the Good Boy Dog School, UK)  shows you what he works on in the first few days of a new puppy in the  new home. Handfeeding produces a dog that - right from the beginning -  wants to be good, be rewarded and have as much interaction as possible  with the family!

 Handfeeding Day 5

Another dog, same process. Here, Lola, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling  Retriever, is put through her paces during her Day 5 Handfeeding session  at home, this time around other dogs. Note her attitude, focus,  attention span and repertoire - this dog has a long career ahead of her!

... and afterwards!

Dima has many more examples of "afterwards":
A "crazy" Jack Russell
Dima at Crufts 2012
and a nervous Border Colli

From the Good Boy Dog School UK, run by the Russian dog trainer, Dima Yeremenko, MSc.

First Day at School?

What to bring...

1) NO BREAKFAST for your dog (water, yes of course)
2) Bring GREAT TREATS (meaning something your dog is REALLY excited about - chicken, sausage, cooked liver etc. - not dry biscuits!)
3) COLLAR & LEASH for arriving and leaving (and for  some class exercises). NOTE: if you usually use a harness, then if  possible, please bring a collar as well!
4) VACCINATIONS: check your puppy has had at least two - the second at least 10 days before class starts!
5) YOUR CLOTHING - please be aware that on occasion you'll be sitting on the floor with your dog on your lap. Wear appropriate clothing.
6) YOUR DOG'S CLOTHING - None! And no diapers! 

Dog Training - The Myths

We don't have the time, space, or energy to cover all the myths about dog training, but here are a few to amuse you! 

You can't train puppies...

Myth #1... before six months old! 

Nonsense! Wait until then, and you'll have double the work untraining  behaviours you don't want PLUS training the behaviours you do want! The  truth is that your dog is starting to learn from you the moment s/he  arrives in your home. It's up to you to decide WHAT the puppy learns!

This myth probably originated in the days when "old school" training  methods with heavy collar corrections were used and the young dogs  needed to be old enough to withstand the abuse.

Luckily, we don't do that any more! 

You can't train old dogs...

Myth #2 tricks!

Older dogs are not the problem... however, older OWNERS are quite difficult to (re)train... but we try!

In fact, some would say (me, for instance!) that training an older  dog is easier than training a puppy. Older dogs are generally calmer  than young puppies and so have better focus and attention.

Duke turned up and "adopted" us when he was about six years old. You can see the results here

Training with food...

Myth #3 bribery!

"Bribery" is a human term and implies something illegal (as we  know from politics)! Actually, food is a "marker" - it's a signal  something has been done correctly. In humans this could be an A+ from a  teacher, or a paycheck or bonus from your job! We all "work” for  reinforcements and dogs are no different.

We usually use food because most dogs love food, but it can be  ANYTHING your dog loves - toys, play, work, petting, happy talk etc. 

Train With Food...

Myth #4... and you'll never get their attention later!

When we start reward-based training, our dogs are on a CONTINUOUS reward  system. The dog is rewarded every time it performs something correctly -  or even just for TRYING! Rubini, one of our trainers, calls it being an  ATM - an Automatic Treat Machine!

Once the dog has more or less got it, we move quickly onto VARIABLE and  RANDOM reward system. This is similar to a Genting slot-machine - you  know you won't win every time or how much, but next time...  

Once My Dog Is Trained...

Myth #5... we can stop using food rewards!

There is no reason to completely STOP using food in training.  Once the trainer has learnt the difference between simply "luring" the  dog and "rewarding" the dog... we hope you will keep your dog on a  random reinforcement schedule for the rest of its life!

A very good site for more training tips is Leerburg with hundreds of videos, courses, books, etc. Check them out. Link below:

No Human Food!!!

Myth #6... dogs should only get dog food!

We've had dogs around us for at least 10,000 years. We've had today's  commercial dog food for about 70 years. So for 9,930 years, we've been  feeding our dogs... what exactly? 

How We Dogs Started Eating Kibble: The Strange History of Commercial Dog Food
And articles by Dr Becker, a US vet, are worth reading!  


DIY.... the basics

There is also an excellent article on house training from the Leerburg Training Centre, USA here. 

....and for your viewing pleasure!

Frasier - Crane's Dog

Everything you need to know about dog training - in two brilliant minutes! 

 ....or if you think there's something lacking in Crane's approach, you can watch the next video! 

Oz Police Dog 

A Police Dog In Action - Australia NZ Police Dog Champion

An aggressive German Shepherd

There are many "trainers" demonstrating how to handle a large aggressive dog. This is one of the best I've seen so far! 

Jack Russell - Home Alone

What happens when you leave a highly active dog home alone with nothing to do! 


Look for ChimiChurri Cafe @ Jaya One

THE SCHOOL by JAYA ONE  is on Jalan Universiti (CIMB WAZE Co-ords). At one end of Jaya One you will see CIMB Bank.  Enter there. Immediately bear RIGHT, and then turn into the first parking  entrance (P1), and park. You're now underneath THE SCHOOL MALL. Find LIFT LOBBY J1 (which will probably be the closest one to you). Take that  to Level 1. You'll be outside Chimi Churri cafe. See you there!  

If you get lost, call  +6017-884-5269

Class #6

The sixth and final class is always a group walk. 

6th Class Group Walk

Here you see over twenty dogs - all off-leash - and even more owners, all happily co-existing!

6th Class Group Walk

Post Walk - over twenty dogs - all off-leash - and even more owners, all happily co-existing!  

6th Class Group Walk

Post Walk - over twenty dogs - all off-leash - and even more owners, all happily co-existing! 

6th Class Group Walk

Our most recent walk - unfortunately we forgot to take the group photo until half of them had already gone back! 

Frwy & Winter

Gone but not forgotten!

Duke & Cordelia

Gone but not forgotten!

...and Sally

Who brought me up!